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Large Bath Bomb 3.5oz

$5.00 $3.25

These are our Large Bath Bombs, Fizzy . We have many different scents such as 1- Lavender with essential oil, and organic lavender flowers--2-Honey Suckle w essential oil, -- 3-Vanilla lavender with fragrance oil, 4-Bergmont with essential oil, 5-Mango Madness with fragrance oil,6- Coffee  with fragrance oil and organic coffee, --7- Pomegranate Palmarosa with essential oil, --8-Pink Code with fragrance oil,  -9-Ocean breeze with fragrance oil, --10-Waterlily Melon with fragrance oil, --11-Milk chocolate with organic cocoa powder and fragrance oil, --12-Neroli with essential oil,   13--Acia Hlichrysum with essential oil. 15- lime coconut with fragrance oil

You may choose assorted flavors and as many as you would like, just shoot me an email with what scents you would like, place the order of how many you would like and we will pack them up well. These soften your skin and leave you smelling amazing for the whole day.  Please watch young children in the bath with these, they look good enough to eat, but are not. Enjoy the soft water and how it leaves your skin. These have coconut oil, and jojoba oil in them to help keep your skin soft and moisturized .